Kyle to publish cookbook from eco-chef Tom Hunt

Kyle to publish cookbook from eco chef tom hunt

Octopus imprint Kyle Books is to publish a new book with eco-chef and sustainability campaigner Tom Hunt.

Publisher Joanna Copestick acquired world rights at auction from Jonathan Conway at Jonathan Conway Literary Agency for Eating for Pleasure, People & Planet, to be published in March 2020.

Hunt's mission is to teach a way of eating that prioritises the environment without sacrificing pleasure, taste and nutrition. His philosophy of 'Root to Fruit' demonstrates how we can all support a delicious, biodiverse and regenerative food system, giving us the skills and knowledge to shop, eat and cook sustainably.

Food writer Bee Wilson said of the new title: "This book is like a hybrid of Michael Pollan and Anna Jones. It combines serious food politics with flavour-packed modern recipes. This is a call-to-arms for a different way of eating which seeks to lead us there not through lectures but through a love of food, in all its vibrancy and variety."

Michael Gidney, c.e.o. of the Fairtrade Foundation, added: "If we value our food we must value our farmers – how else will we feed the world’s growing population and tackle the climate crisis? These values are as central to Tom’s cooking philosophy as they are to Fairtrade."