Gates and Wallace-Wells amongst many early supporters of Rathi’s book

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Congratulations to Akshat Rathi on a superb range of endorsements for his debut book Climate Capitalism. These include:

Climate innovation has accelerated far faster than many realize and by shining a spotlight on the solutions and innovators driving progress, Climate Capitalism is an important read for anyone in need of optimism about our ability to build a clean energy future. — Bill Gates

There is a cost to addressing climate change, but it will make us richer, happier, healthier, safer and more equal. Do we take the bargain? That is the animating question of Akshat Rathi’s illuminating and incisive book, which offers the dazzling and deeply reported argument that the answer should be, overwhelmingly, yes. — David Wallace-Wells, author of The Uninhabitable Earth and New York Times columnist

A highly readable reminder that efforts to cut emissions are achieving a lot more than is widely realised. Rathi brings this shift to life with engaging stories of people behind some of the most important advances in recent decades. — Pilita Clark, Financial Times

There are very few people as well-situated as Akshat Rathi is to describe and assess our current efforts to cope with climate change. Can our current unjust and destructive economic system be wrenched into alignment to supports us? Rathi shows this process beginning. An inspiring book! — Kim Stanley Robinson, bestselling author of The Ministry for the Future

Meet the most unlikely climate champions across the length and breadth of five continents. Akshat Rathi’s book is just the kind of eye-opening, uplifting account we need today. — Dia Mirza, actor and UNEP’s goodwill ambassador

Few books on either climate or capitalism manage to be as insightful as they are readable, but Akshat Rathi cracks it. He delivers his powerful and hopeful message with both substance and style. — Paul Polman, former CEO of Unilever

Akshat Rathi’s magisterial book gives us hope that the climate crisis can be addressed by a combination of innovation and capitalism. An unprecedented global effort is on, and he does well to chronicle it in detail. — Nandan Nilekani, cofounder and chairman of Infosys and founding chairman of UIDAI (Aadhaar).

It’s easy to feel fear or despair in the face of humanity’s greatest challenge. Now thanks to policy and technology innovations, positive change is accelerating all around us. Akshat Rathi’s brilliantly written account of some of those stories is an inspiration to keep going in a fight which we have no other option than to win. — Baroness Bryony Worthington, member of the UK’s House of Lords

A monumental achievement given the breadth of ideas Akshat covers in the book — from physics, chemistry, materials science, politics, economics. A gripping read! — Professor Venkat Viswanathan, University of Michigan

Akshat Rathi offers pragmatic insights on how that transition may progress in the next few years. — Sumant Sinha, chairman of ReNew

After over a decade of working on energy, I still found either brand new information or a new perspective on every page. — Emma Pinchbeck, CEO of Energy UK

Akshat Rathi shares inspiring cases from across the globe about how capitalism is being reformed to save the world, rather than destroy it. A great read! — Professor Piers Forster, interim chair of the UK’s Climate Change Committee

Riveting, meticulous and critical — this book forces us to face our future and time is running out. — Simon Moores, CEO of Benchmark Mineral Intelligence

Leaders will act on climate change only if they find an economic advantage to do so. This provocative book shows how capitalism can be a solution. — Bertrand Piccard, Swiss explorer and environmentalist

Akshat’s captivating accounts of reshaping capitalism gives me hope that we have a chance at providing a better future for future generations. — Xi Xi, director of the Beijing Energy Network

A whirlwind world tour of business trying to be sustainable. It’s well rounded and international, for example it has as much about making cement lower-emission as about more glamorous sectors. — Jenny Chase, lead solar analyst for BloombergNEF

A superb, wide-ranging analysis of the green revolution sweeping the global economy, from one of the world’s leading climate journalists. — Simon Mundy, editor of FT’s Moral Money and author of Race for Tomorrow

Climate change often feels like a problem too large to solve. But break it down into smaller problems and there are people around the world successfully working to address it. Akshat’s book documents these worthy efforts. — Siddharth Singh, author of The Great Smog of India

Urgent and inspiring. A solution-filled manifesto of hope. — Rowan Hooper, host of New Scientist Weekly and author of How to Spend a Trillion Dollars

Akshat Rathi guides us through the staggering innovations – and heroes – that make a clean energy future possible. This book provides a much-needed dose of optimism – based on data, not blind hope – that we can step up to the challenge. — Hannah Ritchie, lead researcher for Our World In Data and author of Not the End of the World

Using examples of technologies and national plans, Akshat Rathi shows how we need a new form of capitalism, where corporations, governments and people will have to align. It can be done. — Rahul Tongia, senior fellow at the Centre for Social and Economic Progress

Akshat Rathi offers a unique perspective on the leaders driving a total transformation of everything around us. It’s happening not just in rich, western countries, but as he chronicles it’s starting to happen everywhere and led by China. — Tim Buckley, director of Clean Energy Finance

A dexterous and eyes-wide-open look at some of capitalism’s attempts to confront the climate crisis to date. — Brynn O’Brien, executive director of the Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility

A delight to read and a timely corrective to the narrative that it is too costly to achieve net zero. — Ben Caldecott, professor of sustainable finance at the University of Oxford

A deceptively dense book. Deceptive because it reads quickly and Akshat has a lovely light touch. Dense because he’s tackled all the key transformative technologies people should understand in an engaging, memorable way. — Danielle Bochove, senior Arctic reporter and Toronto bureau chief for Bloomberg News

Capitalism got us into this mess. Akshat Rathi shows us how enlightened capitalism might well get us out of it. — Simon Holmes à Court, convenor of Australia’s Climate 200

It’s now cheaper to save the world than destroy it,” writes Akshat Rathi in this bold new book. Give it to the doomsayer in your life. — John Schwartz, journalism professor at UT Austin and veteran NYT reporter