Tiffany Philippou

Tiffany Philippou is a writer and podcaster. Her writing seeks to challenge perceptions that hold us back from a life worth living, and has been published in Stylist, Refinery29, Sifted, The i Paper and The Startup.

Is This Working?, a weekly podcast that Tiffany co-hosts, has been described by Red Magazine as ‘filled with intelligent conversation and practical advice on how to make your career, whatever that is, work for you.’ The show regularly features in the top three of the careers charts in Apple Podcasts UK. Tiffany also writes a weekly newsletter, The Tiff Weekly.

Tiffany previously spent over ten years working in leadership roles in startups, and in addition to her work as a writer and podcaster, she works as a coach and advises startups on their brand and communications strategies.

Tiffany lives in London, and her website has further information about her writing, podcasting, coaching and social media. 

Books by Tiffany Philippou

​Unspoken: What one person’s death taught me about life

Rights : Thread, Bookouture (WEL)

Unspoken: What one person’s death taught me about life by writer and podcaster co-host of Is This Working? Tiffany Philippou explores what happened to Tiffany’s life after the tragic suicide of her boyfriend when the couple were university students. The book follows her journey in the ten years following his death – a tumultuous decade but one in which she emerges with hard-won wisdom. Tiffany learnt how to embrace her past and the ongoing messiness of life and a mission to share her story so that it might bring solace to anyone living with shame, guilt or loss. Claire Bord acquired World English Language rights from Jonathan Conway at the Jonathan Conway Literary Agency.

Claire Bord commented:

‘Tiffany’s writing is filled with raw honesty and is incredibly relatable. She’s captured so eloquently what it feels like to go into the adult world without a guidebook. Tiffany isn’t afraid to speak about really important themes such a shame and the messy process of grieving that we don’t often talk about. Her story offers readers a perspective that could provide so much comfort and shared experience.’

Tiffany said:

‘In all my work, I seek to challenge perceptions that hold us back from a life worth living and Unspoken is the most important part of my mission. This story has been living inside of me for a long time and I’m eternally grateful to Jonathan Conway for working hard to help me bring Unspoken to life. I’m excited to be working with Claire on this next stage. Claire instantly got the book and its purpose and I can’t wait to continue to work with her and the team at Thread to get it into the hands of readers.’