Launched in 2005 by brothers James Eder and Michael Eder, is now a leading student portal which attracts over 6 million visits and over 300,000 new registered users every year.

The name of is based around the idea that is as essential to student life as a can of baked beans - a staple part of every student diet.

After graduating from university, James and Michael visited Birmingham businesses to see if they would be interested in working with before a website was even launched, making the process seem remarkably similar to The Apprentice, minus the cameras, Lord Sugar and a luxury London mansion...

As soon as the first few brands signed up, James and Michael realised they were on to a winner. Within six months, half of the Birmingham student population had signed up to A year later, went national and has become the UK's leading student website.

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The Ultimate Student Cookbook: Cheap, Fun, Easy, Tasty Food

Rights : Orion (World)

The Ultimate Student Cookbook is the cooking bible for all students; something every student needs at university and every parent wants their teenagers to have with them as they embark on life away from home.

The book is brought to you by, the number one leading student website, and focuses on eating and living well as easily as possible and on a budget.

This book offers a range of delicious recipes, from the very basic for complete beginners to more advanced meals for every occasion from dinner parties, hot dates to brain food for revising and comfort food that mum would have made. Along with these it includes some quirkier recipes such as chocolate mousse in a mug, or how to conjure up their favourite high-street dishes such as Nando's Peri Peri chicken or a sloppy Giuseppe pizza.

Written in the friendly, entertaining way that is known for, including advice on the basics of cooking, how to save money and trips to the supermarket, this book will help students everywhere have confidence in the kitchen so that cooking becomes a rewarding, sociable part of student life.