Rosie Palmer

Rosie Palmer

Rosie Palmer is an illustrator, designer, writer and dog-lover based in London. She is the proud 'dog mom' to Stan the Hot Dawg, her mini wire-haired dachshund. Stan is a much-loved dogfluencer, who brings regular doses of pawsitivity to his rapidly growing number of Instagram followers around the world.


The Little Book of Pawsitivity: Pawsitive Vibes, Life Lessons and Happiness Hacks We Can Learn From Our Four-Legged Friends


Summersdale/Hachette UK[World]


Pawsitive vibes only

Dogs understand that the key to happiness is simple: to eat well, play well, love well and sleep well. This book gathers together all the best nuggets of life advice gleaned from our four-legged friends, paired with beautiful illustrations that’ll put a smile on your face and a wag in your tail.

From uplifting canine tails and timeless wisdom (“when you have a struggle, have a snuggle”) to practical tips, happiness hacks and life lessons from paw-some breeds (such as that wrinkles are just smile lines, or that sometimes you need a lazy day), The Little Book of Pawsitivity is sure to delight every dog lover. It’s both a playful tribute to all dogs for the happiness and unconditional love they bring us, and a reminder to their humans that if we adopt their perky outlook, anything is paw-sible.

Other amazing insights include:
- Life can be ruff, but we are tough
- Diversity breeds success
- The best therapists are furry with four legs