Hollie Grant

Hollie Grant

Hollie Grant is a qualified Pilates instructor, Level 3 personal trainer, pre and postnatal exercise specialist, and founder of the London-based Pilates PT studio. In December 2020, she founded The Bump Plan, an online platform helping women understand how to exercise safely during pregnancy, and followed this up with The Bump Plan Postnatal last year.

Hollie has provided expert advice for publications such as Vogue, The Sunday Times, The Telegraph and Stylist, hosts ‘The Strong Women Podcast’, and has many thousands of followers on her @thepilatespt and @thebumpplan Instagram accounts.


The Bump Plan: All The Support You Need to Stay Fit and Strong From Pregnancy to Postpartum




The Bump Plan [...] makes you feel completely safe, and empowered both mentally and physically
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A practical, expert-led, straight-talking guide to exercising during pregnancy and post-birth.

Staying active during pregnancy and the postpartum period has vast physical and mental health benefits, but it’s also a subject that’s fraught with fear, myths, and misinformation. We’re told by doctors to exercise, but we’re not given the tools with which to do so.

Enter: The Bump Plan, by personal trainer, pre-and-postnatal exercise specialist and mother of two, Hollie Grant. With illustrated trimester-by-trimester plans on what you can safely do at each stage, guidance about the physical shifts you can expect, information on how to move and get back to doing the things you love after your baby has arrived, and nutrition and pelvic health advice, there is no better companion to see you through this exciting but daunting time.

The Model Method: Recipes, HIIT and Pilates Exercises for Lifelong, Balanced Wellness


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The Model Method's effective combination of recipes and workouts will leave you feeling stronger, healthier and happier. Hollie is one of the best task-masters on the fitness scene, with a refreshing, balanced approach
Sweaty Betty
I've seen a big change in the way that I look and feel since starting The Model Method
Ella Mills, bestselling author of Deliciously Ella
What I love about training with Hollie is her calming, motivating approach to fitness. She's all about promoting healthy body image which is so important in this day and age. Since training with Hollie I've noticed huge improvements in my fitness and body and couldn't be happier!
Jourdan Dunn
I leave sessions feeling stronger and bounce out the door with energy
Melissa Hemsley, bestselling author of The Art of Eating Well


Nourish, sweat and strengthen your way to lifelong wellness with award-winning Pilates instructor and chef Hollie Grant's balanced recipes and workouts.

Hollie started The Model Method online plan after years of teaching her private clients so anyone can carry out the plan, anywhere. This beautiful book will follow on from the plan, showing the reader how to Nourish, Sweat and Strengthen for a healthier, stronger lifestyle.

Nourish will provide readers with delicious and balanced recipes with easy-to-source ingredients to encourage readers to eat from all the food groups unless medically advised not to. As a former chef Hollie is strongly against 'diets' and feels that we should eat to nourish our bodies, not starve them. The Sweat part of the plan will be split into three key areas of the body so that the workout can be personalised to the readers' goals or weaknesses. All the workouts will include elements of both Pilates and HIIT. Pilates is amazing at toning and fixing postural issues but does not address the incredible health benefits you tend to only get from HIIT (including reduced risk of diabetes, heart disease and obesity). Strengthen provides Pilates exercises and descriptions of technique, progressions and regressions, muscles activated and why you would carry out that exercise. The book is designed to be personalised so will also teach the reader about their body, posture types and muscle imbalances, and which Pilates technique would be best for them.

Above all, The Model Method is about how our bodies function and perform, rather than how they look, in order to encourage a healthy relationship with food and exercise.


HarperCollins to publish The Bump Plan by Hollie Grant

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