Answer Me This!

Answer Me This!

Answer Me This! was a comedy podcast hosted by Helen Zaltzman and Olly Mann and made between 2007 and 2023, in which Helen and Olly answered questions submitted by the general public. It was one of the first independent British podcasts to gain success, and led to both Zaltzman and Mann establishing careers as professional podcasters. Initially produced weekly, the podcast became fortnightly in January 2014 and then monthly in December 2016. The series originally ended with its 400th episode on 5th August 2021, but returned for one further episode in 2023.

Answer Me This! was nominated for Sony Radio Academy Awards in 2009, 2010, and 2011, in the category "Best Internet Programme"; in 2010, the podcast won the silver award and in 2011, it won the gold award. In 2021 the podcast received a special Gold Award from the British Podcast Awards, honouring its status in the development of British podcasting.

The show was a Critic's Choice in numerous national publications, including The Times, Time Out, Radio Times, Q Magazine, and The Independent, and the show was chosen by The Guardian as one of its "Top 10 comedy podcasts in the world.”


Answer Me This!


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Right now, someone somewhere in the world is thinking up a question to ask Helen and Olly...

How can you tell if an old person used to be hot?

Why do lion tamers use chairs?

How many people must one kill before it is classed as a spree?

In their roles as hosts of comedy podcast Answer Me This! Helen and Olly take on the world's questions and solve them with their unique mixture of pointless knowledge, reckless opinion and a dash of filth.