Jonathan Conway
Photo credit: Oliver Perrott

Jonathan Conway Literary Agency Ltd. is a specialist literary agency representing the best of non-fiction to publishers in the UK and internationally.

Many of the agency's authors are bestsellers, and the list is eclectic - from journalists, academics and television presenters through to musicians, sports people, chefs and popular culture brands. Collectively, the agency's authors have been published by over 200 publishers/publishing imprints in more than 30 languages, from Allen Lane (in the UK) to Zysk i S-ka (in Poland).

At every stage of the publishing process the agency acts as both creative and business partner to its authors. Known for the exceptionally high-quality of its book submissions to publishers, all aspects of a writer’s commercial interests are protected.

Jonathan Conway became a literary agent in 2004, having graduated with first class honours in English Language and Literature from Oxford University, and completed with distinction a master's degree in the History of International Relations at the London School of Economics.

After four years as an agent he co-founded the literary agency Mulcahy Conway Associates. In February 2013 he was appointed Head of the UK Literary Division of The Agency Group. In October 2013 he left this position to found his own agency. The agency moved from London to Brighton in 2019.